Community Engagement

Hurricane Sandy Puppet Project

In the weeks following Hurricane Sandy, children were among the most neglected bystanders. My collaborator David Schechter and I travelled to Far Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY to contribute a puppet performance to the Rockaway Kids Carnival.

We rented a van to bring fellow volunteers to the site and used the back as a makeshift performance space. 

David Schechter and I absolutely LOVED performing these puppet shows for the kids. In this moment below, we are singing with/to the Dinosaur Lady to persuade her to set free one of our captured puppet friends.

The interplay of all our imaginations was deep fun and clearly healing for everyone, including the onlooking adults! Through the distance of puppets, children and their families appeared to experience needed joy and hope, and the experience served as a powerful testimony for the healing power of applied theatre. Thank you to Mark Winkel for organizing, and Occupy Sandy Relief NYC for the photo above.

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