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Shluff No More: An Immersive Shpiel Experience

To illuminate scenes from The Book of Esther, I orchestrated a 60-member crew to guide 400 audience members across nine locations of a three-story synagogue in 2 hours.

Organizing the logistics required tremendous planning. With the help of my dear friend Scott Osman, here is a glimpse at how I finally laid out the teams:

Each room featured participatory structures I designed to playfully disarm congregants and help them enjoy greater proximity. Three years later, many participants continue to report how the event deepened their feelings of affiliation and transformed their relationship with the themes of ethnic strife. The image below captured during the Costume Contest, conducted through Silent Disco headphones.

I had also had the opportunity to work with amazingly talented designers. For one example, Chantal Demorial and Gideon Solomon converted the basement into Vashi’s Den. Below is their conceptual sketch and the final outcome.

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