Community Engagement Productions

Shushan Night Live

I co-authored, directed, and performed in this community-engaged Theatre of Faith performance project on The Book of Esther at Romemu synagogue, framed shamelessly around the structures and sketches of Saturday Night Live.

Our “Cold Open” was Caveman Lawyer defending King Ahashverosh against Vashti over her refusal to dance, and from there we were off to the races with other classics: Opening Monologue, Celebrity Jeopardy, Church Chat, Weekend Update, Spoof Commercials, and classic ending moment–a live band playing the SNL Closing Theme (Waltz in A) as the cast and crew celebrated together on stage.

Below is our version of the Spartan Cheerleaders: Cheerleaders for Compassionate Aggression, which was our symbolic treatment of the war between the Jews and Persians in Chapter 10.