Tabletop Journey

This workshop was delivered at the meeting of the North American Drama Therapy Association in Boston, MA. Combining Campbell’s Hero’s Journey with Landy’s Role Method and Lowenfeld’s World Technique, this original framework makes the healing process accessible for a wide variety of populations. Seated with small objects, Tabletop Journey affords greater control and containment, yet the stories it reveals can release profound spontaneity and connection among participants.

I was honored to have two large tables full of enthusiastic participants!


Performance Award: NADTA

Each year, the Performance Award is given to an NADTA member in recognition of the exemplary use of live or recorded performance to facilitate individual or collective awareness and transformation. I was honored to be recipient last year! 

I wish to thank the NADTA Board members, everyone who nominated me, and the many people who supported me along the way: colleagues contributed to the kickstarter, Adam Reynolds and Navah Steiner invited me give a plenary address at the Institute for Developmental Transformations, and two students (at the time) were part of my faculty in KT’s maiden voyage: Lisa Gail and Rebecca Russell. 

Although Kindergarten Truck was my brainchild, it has never been a one man show: Performers Jim Ford, Coco Conroy, and Michelle Gaines (Kagan) have been central to the project’s success.

It has been an honor to be public ambassador for the field of drama therapy and between allied fields. I am so excited to see how drama therapy will continue to widen its reach!