Kindergarten Truck: Participatory Play in Public

This article was commissioned by RiDE’s Guest Editor Colette Conroy for her themed edition: Perspectives on Aesthetics and Participation. I deconstructed my street theatre project, Kindergarten Truck, which blended the arenas of activism, education, healing and performance aesthetics as I encouraged audiences to participate through role-playing as children. I describe how drama therapy directly informed my design and facilitation of the project and articulate how a clinical approach to applied theatre helped me consciously veer away from therapy. Interspersed with personal reflection, I also speculate on the impacts and the meanings of these playful engagements with adults in a public setting. Read more about how the Kindergarten Truck evolved at

Research In Drama Education: Journal Of Applied Theatre And Performance, 20(1), 100-109. Dx.Doi.Org/10.1080/13569783.2014.975110